Personal Statement or Essay Editing

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Personal Statement or Essay Editing

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I can help you craft an outstanding personal statement or essay (up to 1,250 words) for your graduate school, scholarship, or job application.

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I can help you craft an outstanding personal statement or essay. I offer two packages:


  • If you feel confident about the content of your essay, this package can add that extra polish to help your essay stand out.

  • Includes proofreading for spelling, grammar, English language idioms (to make sure you're using them correctly), and typos.

  • Also includes feedback on sentence structure, flow, and voice.

  • Does NOT include feedback on content.

  • With one revision included, we'll work together to make your essay sound like the best version of you!


  • If you would like my input on what you’ve written about, not just how you’ve written about it, this package is for you.

  • Includes everything in the Editing package.

  • Also includes constructive feedback on content.

  • Over the course of two revisions, I will give you my input on what you're writing about and coach you to your best possible essay.

Is your essay more than 1,250 words, or have other questions? Contact me!