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Essay Coaching

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I will coach, guide, and advise you through brainstorming what to write for your essay or personal statement.

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Applying for a program, job, or scholarship that requires an essay or personal statement? Trying to decide what to write about can be so confusing! I can help you work through your ideas to strategically choose WHAT to write about and HOW to write about it to maximize your chances of acceptance.

I will:

  • Research the program/scholarship for which you are applying, so I have an idea of what they're looking for in an applicant.

  • Review your relevant academic, job, and life history.

  • Strategically plan how your essay must function in terms of your overall application.

  • Brainstorm with you what content will make you a more competitive applicant.

  • Advise you on what I think is the best way to present your story in essay form.

Ready to start? First, I will send you a questionnaire that will ask for all the information you have about the program/scholarship/etc. you're applying for and relevant information about you. I will need to start with your academic history, your job history, and any life history that you think specifically applies to the essay in question. Then I will send you a list of questions/thoughts to further guide the process. After you answer those questions, I will send you my advice on where I think you should go with the essay.

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